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Photo of Yoko Fujiwara in Ashtanga Yoga pose Vatayanasana

Yoko Fujiwara

Yoko started her Ashtanga Yoga practice in her hometown Tokyo in 2003. She has been teaching Ashtanga in Honolulu for the past 16 years. Her training includes a 16-month Mysore apprenticeship and a nine-month Pregnancy Yoga apprenticeship with Cathy Louise Broda. Yoko takes annual visits to Maui to study with Nancy Gilgoff.

On her first trip to Mysore, India in 2008, Yoko spent three months practicing with Sharath Jois and Saraswathi Rangaswamy. She studied Sanskrit and yoga sutra chanting in Mysore under Dr M A Jayashree. Yoko is also a licensed shiatsu therapist (MAT-11603). This training, along with her Ashtanga practice and teaching, allows her to see how the energetic body moves within the physical body.

Yoko has gone through many life changes since she started yoga, and she continues to develop an understanding of who she really is. She affirms that her yoga practice has evolved primarily due to the process of deep self-reflection and actively changing patterns rooted in fear, anger and insecurity.