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Photo of Cathy Louise Broda adjusting Trikonasana

Yoga Hands-on Adjustments Workshop

March 30 & 31, 2019
Saturday 12:30–3:00pm and 4:00–6:30pm
Sunday 12:30–3:00pm and 4:00–6:30pm

In her 29 years of teaching, Cathy Louise Broda has become known for an intuitive touch that can transform your yoga practice. Teachers and students are invited to learn more about her hands-on work, and experience for themselves how to give and receive safe and effective adjustments.

Cathy Louise teaches how to observe, listen and feel what each student needs. This sensory information then informs your hands-on work – promoting alignment, enhancing an asana, and addressing specific issues such as stiffness and hyper-mobility. She will also explain how verbal instructions and hands-on adjustments complement each other, and how to work with different types of students.

The adjustments taught are useful for practitioners and teachers of any style of yoga. The workshop covers:

The right touch – An introduction to adjustments

Dancing with the sun – Suryanamaskara A & B

Building the foundation – The standing poses

Bending, binding, twisting – The seated asanas

Closing the practice – Back-bending and inversions

Relaxation – Setting up for Savasana

You must be able to attend all four classes. Space is limited, so register early to secure your place.

Held at Purple Yoga Hawaii

Enquiries (808) 944-855

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