Photo of Emma Kupu Mitchell with crystal singing bowls

Good Vibrations: A Cosmic Union of Yoga Philosophy and Crystal Bowl Meditation

Sunday, October 14, 5:30–7:00pm

Yoga puts us in touch with the universal connectedness of everything. That post-yoga glow you so enjoy is a real feeling of getting closer to your true nature, a union of body, mind and soul. This special event at Purple Yoga is a chance to experience that deep connection in ways other than asana practice through a talk on the theoretical knowledge at the root of yoga followed by the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls.

Glen Butcher begins with a talk on Samkhya, the philosophical foundation of yoga (and its sister science Ayurveda). Where Samkhya is the theory, yoga is the essential practice. The Mahabharata says: “There is no knowledge equal to Samkhya and no power equal to yoga.” Glen explains in layman's terms the 25 principles of Samkhya’s atheistic theory of creation: from the bond of two realities – consciousness and matter – evolved our intellect, ego, mind, senses and the basic elements. Yoga shines light on our earthly existence so that we may come to understand the origin of this true Self.

Emma Kupu Mitchell then invites us to lie down as she leads a healing meditation using crystal singing bowls to create an amazing aural and vibratory experience. What’s significant about the bowls is that consciousness is said to manifest itself as form through the cosmic vibration of Om, the primordial sound of the universe. Western science's string theory is similar to this ancient idea. Emma believes that we each have our own “inner song” or soul vibration. To be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy, our inner song needs to be in tune and flowing.

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