Photo of Glen Butcher in Natarajasana

Yoga Asana Intensive

September 15 & 16, 2018

In this four-part practical workshop – open to all levels – Glen Butcher teaches asana from every angle, including:

• how breath in the subtle body shapes and supports the actions of the physical body
• how principles of alignment applied by the beginner remain relevant at an advanced level
• how movement into, within and out of an asana defines our dynamism and focus
• how necessary it is to adapt a pose to our limitations, with the goal always in mind.

Saturday 12:30–3:00pm   Inside out

We'll start by turning our attention inwards to the breath and bandhas (internal locks), activating our energetic center from which heat radiates and prana extends to the fingers and toes. Also learn different ways to use the breath to balance the demands of a particular asana.

Saturday 4:00–6:30pm   Stay on track

Alignment in one part of the body ensures free flow of energy in other areas. Learn to correct imbalances, and prevent and heal injuries, by finding the sweet spot of ease and effort. Anatomy will be presented in simple terms and general alignment techniques applied with clear results.

Sunday 12:30–3:00pm   Move it or lose it

Your next asana is only as good as the transition from the last. Vinyasa keeps the practice alive! Learn to take knowledge gained and energy earned in an asana and pay it forward. Bandhas are key and we’ll unlock their potential.

Sunday 4:00–6:30pm   Take it to the limit

Concluding with a clinic in which students are encouraged to present a pose that causes them problems. Much can be learned by observing a teacher helping a student. Right instruction – verbal, hands-on and/or demo – can correct wrong actions and help you work wisely to your edge.

Held at Purple Yoga Hawaii
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