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Photo of Pregnancy Yoga pose Parsva Ustrasana

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is a time of change and celebration, as well as anticipation and anxiety. Yoga brings great awareness to what is going on within you and it gives you energy, restoring what you are putting into baby and also preparing you for birth.

Breath is the key. You will learn a technique that you can use anytime and will be especially helpful during labor. The breath is combined with postures (asanas) that safely strengthen your arms and legs and stretch the torso and spine to create space for growing baby. You may be familiar with Kegal exercises and in yoga terms this is called mula bandha (root lock). By practicing pelvic floor exercises you get a good start for both labor and after baby is born. Calmness comes from correct breathing and being in a friendly, supportive environment where you can focus on baby and you.

Class is offered in-person and via Zoom. Due to space limitations, please email or call (808) 944-8585 before coming to class. No drop-ins. We recommend starting after your thirteenth week. Ask your health care provider if yoga is appropriate for you. The teacher is Cathy Louise, a mom of three including twins.

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Mom & Baby Yoga

Getting back into exercise after giving birth is not easy for many new mothers, who find that just leaving the house is a great effort. Coming to Mom & Baby Yoga not only motivates you to get out and about with baby, this fun and safe class is revitalizing and relaxing.

Yoga exercises and movement combined with proper breathing helps Mom restore the pelvic floor, regain the inner strength of her abdomen and rediscover a sense of calm. It also provides babies with a soothing environment to both interact with Mom and experience their bodies in a new world. One of the special things about the class is that you are in a supportive space where you can take time out to nurse. Also, baby can choose to participate in the class, have a cry or fall asleep!

The class is suitable for newborns up until they start crawling and for mothers who have been cleared by their doctors to resume exercise. Due to space limitations, please email or call (808) 944-8585 before coming to class. No drop-ins. The teacher Cathy Louise is a mom of three including twins.