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Photo of Glen Butcher in Ashtanga Yoga pose Natarajasana

Glen Butcher

Glen has been practicing yoga for 33 years and teaching for 23 years. Originally from New Zealand, Glen's foundation in yoga was in the Iyengar style. After moving to London he did a two-year apprenticeship at a yoga school that specialized in individual instruction in small groups. He went on to study Ashtanga Yoga with certified teacher John Scott and assist his Mysore-style classes.

While in London, Glen also began what would become a 10-year learning experience with Shandor Remete, the founder of Shadow Yoga, studying with him in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the US. Glen taught Shadow Yoga in Honolulu for seven years before resuming his practice and teaching of Ashtanga Yoga. His personal studies include an interest in the classic hatha yoga texts.

Glen's teaching draws on his broad experience of hatha yoga, including its rehabilitative powers following three major knee surgeries he had as a result of a rugby injury at age 16. He guides each student through their own process of inquiry into the essence and practice of yoga, promoting a balance of ease and effort, and a celebration of what is possible along the way.