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Photo of Ashtanga Yoga pose Visvamitrasana

Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style

Ashtanga Yoga is distinct among other styles of yoga for its focus on individual instruction in a small group, the way it was originally taught in Mysore, India. Mysore style is the optimal way to learn Ashtanga Yoga and is suitable for beginners. Each student practices their given sequence (Primary, Intermediate or Advanced) at their own pace with personal guidance, including hands-on adjustments and verbal cues, from the teacher. You don't need any yoga experience to begin Mysore practice.

Step by step you learn the Primary Series, a dynamic flowing sequence of asanas (postures) incorporating ujjayi (a breathing technique), bandhas (internal "locks"), driste (gazing point) and vinyasa (breath-synchronized movement). All of these tools combined create heat in the body, improve flexibility, develop strength, build stamina and focus the mind.

Because Mysore style is guided self-practice your start time is flexible. Students quietly arrive and leave during the class, each person completing their practice within the session time. Beginners allow about 75 minutes. You are welcome, by appointment, to observe a class and meet the teachers. Read also this student's experience of practice.