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Photo of Ashtanga Yoga pose Visvamitrasana

Ashtanga Yoga Led class

Ashtanga Yoga has two practice methods: the traditional Mysore style for individual instruction, and led classes where students enjoy the combined energy of a group who follow the teacher's count through all or part of the Primary Series. While students may choose to only attend led classes, we do encourage everyone to complement them with regular Mysore style practice.

Intro to Primary Series includes sun salutations, standing poses and the first few sitting poses plus backbends. We take

time to break down the basics of Ashtanga Yoga, ensuring a solid foundation in this dynamic practice before you graduate to the other led classes. The Intro class is not the only option for beginners. All of our Mysore-style classes are suitable for students new to Ashtanga.

Half Primary Series adds more of the sitting poses up to Navasana plus backbends and introduces the full closing sequence of inversions including shoulderstand and headstand.

Full Primary Series goes beyond Navasana into more challenging asanas such as balancing poses plus backbends and the full closing sequence.