Yoga for Women Workshop
Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cathy Louise presents a one-day workshop in Honolulu designed to inform and empower women with knowledge that relates to their experience of yoga. This is not your mother's birds and bees lesson, nor is it a clinical discussion with your doctor; it's a frank exploration of a woman's life, from puberty through menopause, and the effects these stages have on your practice, as well as how you live yoga off the mat.

Cathy Louise has been teaching yoga for 27 years. She had her first child at 38, then twins at 40. She's now 51 and the consistent element through all these years has been her yoga practice. She loves to help women find their power and know that they are not alone in their journey. Many women have male yoga teachers and find it difficult to discuss with them what they are going through. It's important to know that your own female experiences are not bad or negative, they are shared by many women. Yoga shows us how to adapt, be compassionate and loving to ourselves.

The discussion will be wide-ranging, including menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, body image, nutrition, sexuality, health issues such as fibroids, breast cancer, osteoporosis, hysterectomy, and much more. Bring your questions and stories to share. Each session will include a yoga practice.

10:30am–12:30pm    Session One
Entering womanhood: puberty, menstrual cycle, body image, nutrition, vitality.
Yoga practice: energize and strengthen.

1:30–3:30pm     Session Two
Exploring midlife: sexuality, fertility, work and home, creativity.
Yoga practice: balancing energy.

4:00–6:30pm     Session Three
Accepting aging: menopause, body types, medical issues, wisdom.
Yoga practice: release, soften and quiet mind, with the last 45 minutes dedicated to a healing crystal bowl meditation led by Emma Mitchell.

Held at Purple Yoga Hawaii's new location. Space is limited, please register early to secure your place. Enquiries (808) 944-8585 or info@purpleyoga.com

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