Bandhas Yoga Workshop
with Cathy Louise Broda
Sunday, April 2, 2017

"Engage your bandhas!" says the teacher. But do you really know what you are engaging and how vital bandhas – the internal "locks" – are for an effective yoga practice? Cathy Louise empathizes with students who have difficulty engaging their bandhas by sharing her own experience of using, losing and finding her bandhas again due to pregnancies. She will present anatomical diagrams of the pelvic floor and abdomen, and simple exercises to directly connect you with these areas.

Cathy Louise then leads a yoga class so you can apply your new knowledge. She will connect with all students using verbal and hands-on instruction, as well as demonstrations, to make sure everyone at least "feels" how to activate uddiyana and mula bandha. Triggering the bandhas is your first step to learning how to then control and sustain the energy you have harnessed.

This workshop is highly recommended for anyone practicing Ashtanga Yoga. Beginners and experienced practitioners of all vinyasa-based styles of yoga are welcome.

Held at Purple Yoga Hawaii's new location in Waikiki. Space is limited, please register early to secure your place.

All enquiries (808) 944-8585 or info@purpleyoga.com


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