Photo of Glen Butcher in Padmasana for Pranayama

Pranayama Workshop

Saturday, June 23, 2018   7:00–10:00am

The practice of pranayama goes beyond mere breathing exercises. Although closely related to the air we breath, prana is a more subtle force. Prana exists in everything. Pranayama uses the breath – inhalation, exhalation and retention – to influence the flow of prana, expanding this vital energy and its potential for significant positive effects on body, mind and soul.

This workshop with Glen Butcher has essential information for both students wishing to start pranayama and those with an existing practice. The class covers:

• the pranic body and its five major vayus or "winds"
• three bandhas: mula, uddiyana and jalandhara
• seated poses: padmasana and siddhasana, along with modifications
• four phases of respiration: inhalation, exhalation and their retentions
• three modes of pranayama: anuloma, viloma and pratiloma, and the associated hand mudra for manipulating the nostrils
• ratios and timing, and different methods for counting
• pranayama for the body: shitali, sitkari, kapalabhati and bhastrika
• pranayama for the mind and soul: suryabhedana, ujjayi, and nadi shodhana
• life choices that support pranayama, and cautions for practice.

The workshop includes a short demonstration, some asana practice to prepare for pranayama, and time for Q&A.

Held at Purple Yoga Hawaii