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Photo of Cathy Louise Broda in Ashtanga Yoga pose Pincha Mayurasana

Tokyo, Japan 2019

Asana Technique: Jump Back & Jump Forward
March 19

Three-hour workshop focusing on how to jump back and jump through when doing vinyasas. All levels are welcome.

Vinyasa Yoga Class
March 19 & 20

All students, all levels welcome to join a 90-minute fun-filled vinyasa flow yoga class with Cathy Louise.

Adjustments Intensive
March 20 & 21

Learn how to give safe and effective hands-on adjustments. For teachers and students. Certificate for 10-hour course.

Three-Day Teacher Training
March 22–24

Cathy Louise returns for a TT at Ohana Smile Komozawa studio. Certificate given for 21 hours of training.

Yoga for Women Workshop
March 25

At Ohana Smile Komazawa studio, Cathy Louise explores yoga for women in all stages of their lives.

Charlottesville, Virginia 2019

Bandhas Yoga Workshop
May 31

At Ashtanga Yoga Charlottesville, learn to engage your bandhas and how vital they are for effective yoga practice.

Yoga Hands-on Adjustments Workshop
June 1 & 2

At Ashtanga Yoga Charlottesville, teachers and students learn how to give and receive hands-on adjustments.

Alexandria, Virginia 2019

Yoga for Women
June 8

At Mind the Mat, a workshop informing and empowering women with knowledge that relates to their yoga practice.

Hands-On Yoga Master Class
June 9

At Mind the Mat, learn to see with your hands as you transform with "assists" that correct and/or enhance.